Matt's list of great freeware games (PC) that he thinks are rad:

Like anything in life, gaming is a personal matter of taste, however here are some games that're not only my personal fav's, but're also on top twenty lists all over the 'net- none of them require grunty computers to run and will even run happily on a laptop! All have a fairly arcade-ish sorta thing going on, so if you're not down with arcadey stuff, you might want to skip 'em:

  1. Cave Story - Much has and will continue to be said about this quintessential platformer shooter, but Cave story (original japanese title: Momugari Katso) still defies accurate praise due to it's uniqueness. Needless to say, this is easily the best freeware game that I have played. The paid version (Cave Story+) is better in many respects (graphics, music), but this will run on a potato and the english translations are a bit funnier.
  2. Star Control 2 - Originally developed in 1992, this amazing adventure-arcade-rpg-ish crossover game was a massive hit. Ten years later, the open source community were given permission by the developers to update the graphics, code, music and content, making it one of the best free games out there. Funny, strange and atmospheric, an all-time favourite game, though Cave Story trumps it in many respects.
  3. Knytt Stories - can't say enough about this game - non-violent, atmospheric platformer with great music - some of the best music and atmosphere in a game of it's time. The expansion packs are also awesome, in their own right. It's precursor, 'Knytt' is worth playing too, though it lacks the latter's finer details. I'd give a mention of praise for 'Within a Deep Forest' also, but it's tricky gameplay make it a pretty hard sell to most.
  4. Iji - Awesome, atmospheric platformer. Great work by author Daniel. Have put together my own replacement music pack here.
  5. Seiklus - non-violent/atmospheric side-scroller, great for kids.
  6. Akuji (english-patched) - famously cute side-scrolling windows game, where you are a demon on it's way to regaining demonic powers and defeating the good guy, with aid of said demonic powers. Not to be confused with Akuji the Heartless - which is a completely different game.
  7. Eversion - Platformer. More depth than you'd imagine. Slightly twisted. Dark. Fun. Cute. Razorblade in a candy apple. The paid version is also great, with no massive differences asides from visual quality.
  8. Echoes - The only game which claims "Now with Crack!". An unofficial sequel to gridwars, pixel-vision synaesthetic remake of asteroids makes even the tamest giant rotating space meteorite trippy.
  9. Glum Buster - A very strange, atmospheric puzzle-platformer, reminiscent of fez and Knytt Stories in terms of mood.
  10. Gridwars - The first title worthy of the claim 'dear god my brain is on fire'. A clone of 'Geometry Wars', and since discontinued from distribution on account of the authors of Geometry Wars getting (understandably) annoyed, it is still mirrored at various places on the net, including here. All the things revisionistic gamers love - simple concepts, happy colours and fast, trippy gameplay.
  11. N - Ninjas and objects and gold, oh my! An old-school classic, with multiple paid sequels. Addictively silly & superbly frustrating.
  12. Quake Epsilon - Admittably I'm a little biased towards this one - I did assemble it after all. This is an integrated concatenation of the best mods available, for Quake1, assembled with the shareware version of Quake in a way that makes setting up and playing them as straightforward as just unzipping and clicking on a file. If you like Quake, you will probably like this. A lot.

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