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This is a guide for Windows XP users who have had problems with the newer 2013 Ilok drivers, to revert to the old drivers and thus reclaim their ability to use their ilok. Please note that because ilok have disabled the old activation web interface, so this old configuration cannot be used to adjust, change or activate new licenses, only use the ones you already have activated on your ilok dongle.
This may also work with Vista/Win7, but I do not own these OS's and cannot check for you.

How this works

The 2013 'ilm' ilok license manager software and associated drivers do not cleanly uninstall from the system, making reinstallation of the old drivers problematic. I detail the steps to properly removing the 2013 drivers so that you can reinstall the old working drivers.

What you will need


  1. Unplug your ilok from your computer.
  2. Uninstall the ILM and all PACE and ilok drivers from the control panel->Add/remove programs.
  3. Run Autoruns and delete all entries with PACE, Interlok or Ilok in the description. Reboot.
  4. Run the general cleaner and registry cleaner in ccleaner. Then run the registry cleaner in Wises Registry Cleaner.
  5. Run JV16 Powertools, go to 'Registry Tool' then under 'Installed Software' locate and delete every entry with the 'Software' being "Pace Anti-Piracy Software" or similar. Also delete every entry which has a random string of characters eg. "2dzAPoULCkJlJC" and a silly name like 'Pudding' or 'Curtains' as the Author. This are Pace's "hidden" registry keys...
  6. Open windows explorer, enable showing of system and hidden files by going to tools->folder options->view and selecting 'Show hidden files and folders' and unticking 'hide protected system files'. Click OK.
  7. Right-click your system hard drive (usually C:) and click 'Search'. Under search options tick 'advanced options' and then tick 'Search system folders', 'Search hidden files and folders' and 'Search subfolders'. Then search for "pace" without quotation marks. Delete all files and folders found unless they are obviously nothing to do with PACE. Then do the same for "ilok" - delete all files and folders found.
  8. Reboot
  9. Install the 2011 ilok driver, reboot, then install the 2011 client helper and reboot again.
  10. Plug in your ilok. Let the system detect it and click "Automatically install drivers" for it. If it asks for a folder for any particular file, point it to c:\windows\system32\DRVSTORE\iLokDrvr_89C0F63D4D311D004806B3F1B5C356A17A7AD95B\x86 (the random string of numbers/letters will vary, the important part is the iLokDrvr at the start). Wait for the 'detecting new hardware' icon to disappear from your system tray. Done.
  11. Your system should now be back the way it was - well, it worked for me, anyway...
  12. Drink a cup of tea.

All advice given without guarantee - use your brain - if anything dies/fries/explodes, go see a doctor.

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